Keynote Speakers

 Marcel Verhoef

Marcel Verhoef is working as a software engineer in the Software Systems Division of the Directorate of Technology, Engineering and Quality of the European Space Agency. He is based at ESTEC, providing support to several several space missions currently under development and he manages several R&D activities on applied formal methods to support model-based design and analysis of space systems. His current research interest include software requirements, model-based systems and software engineering, execution architectures and dependability. He is co-convenor of a space industry working group to define a handbook for fault-detection, isolation and recovery for spacecraft. He is author of two textbooks on the practical application of formal techniques in industry and has written over 25 scientific papers.

Keynote: Wednesday September 13 (joint session with IMBSA)

 John McDermid

John McDermid became Professor of Software Engineering at the University of York in 1987. His research covers a broad range of issues in systems, software and safety engineering. His work has influenced industrial practice, particularly in the area of safety analysis of complex computer controlled systems, both directly and through development of standards. He has recently been studying safety 
of autonomy, and has also undertaken work on learning from experience 
of accidents and incidents. He works with government and industry, as 
well as academia, in a range of sectors including aviation and 
railways. He is author or editor of six books and has published about 
400 papers. He is a Visiting Professor at Beijing Jiaotong 
University. He became a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 
2002 and was awarded an OBE in 2010.

Keynote: Thursday September 14

Radu Grosu 

Radu Grosu is a full Professor, and the Head of the Institute of 
Computer Engineering, at the Faculty of Informatics, of the Vienna 
University of Technology.  Grosu is also the Head of the 
Cyber-Physical-Systems Group within the Institute of 
Computer-Engineering, and a Research Professor at the Department of 
Computer Science, of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, 
USA.  The research interests of Radu Grosu include the modeling, the 
analysis and the control of cyber-physical systems and of biological 
systems.  The applications focus of Radu Grosu includes distributed 
automotive and avionic systems, IoT, autonomous mobility, green 
operating systems, mobile ad-hoc networks, cardiac-cell networks, and 
genetic regulatory networks.
 Before receiving his appointment at the Vienna University of 
Technology, Radu Grosu was an Associate Professor in the Department of 
Computer Science, of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, 
where he co- directed the Concurrent-Systems Laboratory and co-founded 
the Systems-Biology Laboratory.

Keynote: Friday September 15